Aventure Nord-Est Limited was founded in 2006 at Acadian Peninsula of New Brunswick Canada. ANE is a family business and the only business in the Atlantic Provinces that offers french language hunting and fishing magazines that targets an approximately 125,000 hunters and anglers throughout the maritimes. For over 25 years of experience, ANE has been developing excellent services and top-notch customer service. ANE offers Hunting and Fishing packages and also guide services at their best. We also offer hunting and fishing conferences in French or English for the Atlantic provinces and Quebec. Contact us for more information. Come visit with us and discover and enjoy our Acadian and Mic-Mac cultures.

Securing Your Hunting & Fishing Camp

When you live or play in a remote area, hidden deep in the woods, you have a variety of things that you can enjoy. However, there are also things that are not so enjoyable. One common concern for people who have a remote area home, hunting and fishing camp, or just a piece of lakefront property; is what happens if they are not there? Many hunting and fishing camps are only inhabited by owners on a seasonal basis and they have to be protected during the off seasons. Do you know how to go about securing your hunting and fishing camp?

Why Securing Your Remote Property Matters

Have you ever left your property and then returned to find out that someone else had enjoyed it while you were away? Perhaps they left trash behind or caused damage to your personal property. Perhaps it is simply knowing that there are trails through the woods that were not there before, indicating that someone was there repeatedly while you were gone. In today’s world, not having a secured property, especially deep in the wilderness, is basically asking for trouble. Even knowing the risk, thereare still people who have unprotected hunting and fishing camps that they visit for weekends or certain seasons, while they live in other areas. It does not matter whether you have a vacation home that you visit when you need a break from reality or if you own a place in the woods for campers, hikers, and hunters to rent; protecting your space should be your primary concern. That starts with securing it and there are a few things that you can do to get started protecting what is yours.

Easy Ways to Detour Trespassers

Whether you are trying to eliminate man or beast, a fence is always a good idea to keep people from wandering onto your property. When part of your property line is lakefront, it is not hard for people to wander from miles away and end up on your land where they, even if they do not mean your property harm, may end up leaving things behind. If you have a fence that runs right up to the river or lake, you will lessen the likelihood of this happening. They would have to venture out into the water and come onto your property.

The downside to a fence is that people who come there to hunt will want space to wander. They may not like being inside of the fenced in areas and the fence will also keep animals at bay. That takes away from the “natural” aspect of your hunting and fishing camp. For that reason, you may simply want to put a fence on the front of your property, where people access it from the road. This will lessen the risk of people simply deciding to turn into your driveway, especially if you have a gate installed.

Choose Your Gate Wisely

Once you have decided to protect what belongs to you using a road front fence and gate, you will want a gate that is effective. Admittedly, you could put a padlock on a chain around your fence, but then it will become an inconvenince to you and the people that you want on your property. A sliding gate with an automatic gate opener could be ideal. You could give people you want there ways to gain entry, while keeping others out. All it takes is some sliding gate hardware and you deciding how you want the gate to be opened. Some gates are opened via remote control buttons and others require a passcode. A great resource for all things driveway gate is Either way, people who do not belong will not be willing to sit at your gate where they may have attention drawn to them and your property will be safe.

Kayak Fishing Gaining Popularity in New Brunswick

Kayak fishing has gained popularity all over the world. However, very few places seem to embrace it half as much as New Brunswick. Everyone wants a kayak in this area and there are numerous reasons for it; same as in all other places that bodies of water have fish. Do you know why everyone loves it? There are many reasons kayak fishing is gaining popularity in New Brunswick. It is something that most feel will become more popular as time goes on; in that area and more.

Why People Love Kayak Fishing

There are several reasons people choose kayaking over what we now consider “normal” fishing boats. They are small, this allows you to get into areas that most motor boats cannot go. You can get into very shallow water. It also allows you to be stealthier so that you do not scare the fish away. Add to that, when you get a bite, even a small fish can feel as though you are “reeling in the big one”. This is because the kayak sits low enough that you feel every little vibration or pull that the fish gives you. However, with all the good of kayak fishing, some people still hold off on giving it a try.

The Downside of Kayak Fishing

Kayak Trolling MotorOne of the biggest issues people have with kayak fishing is the simple fact that paddling for a day can leave them too tired to fish. Other people realize that by choosing a kayak paddle that is built for speed, they can become less tired. If you still need a little help to make it through a day, you can opt to use a kayak trolling motor battery and a small motor. These items will allow you to paddle only when you want to, but troll along to get where you want to go faster when you don’t. It is the best of both worlds for people who want to give kayak fishing a true try.

Enjoy the Way Fishing Was Meant to Be

Kayak Fishing Accessories Back in the day, there were no large fishing boats for people to use. They used kayaks or canoes when on a fishing trip. Kayaks can seat a single person or you can take along a friend to enjoy a day on the water. A motor makes it easier to last the entire day because you do not have to paddle from one fishing spot to another. The good news is, a trolling battery for your kayak is light enough to not weigh your kayak down. This ensures that it is relaxing and it is challenging. It is a fishing experience that you will never forget. That is why we say that if you are holding out because you fear being too tired to enjoy it, a trolling motor on your fishing kayak will make life and fishing easier than you ever dreamed it could be. What more could you hope for? Perhaps by using a good trolling motor and trolling motor battery, you will join those who live in New Brunswick and hope to do it every weekend.


Every new parent is guilty of making one major mistake when they first bring home a little one. They all feel that now that they are parents, they must do without some of the things they enjoy. This is completely not true. Yes, having a baby does change things, but there is truly no reason to give up what makes you, you. One of the most commonly sacrificed activities is hobbies. You may feel that now that you have a bundle in your arms, you can no longer do the things you enjoy. One great example of how to work around this is to consider your options. Baby carriers can help with a variety of different activities, including your ability to get out into the great outdoors.

Enjoying the Outdoors with Babies

The great outdoors includes any place that takes you and your little one out of the house. It may be the park or hiking through the trails in that forest behind your home. It could even be an exciting trek through the mountains. One thing to keep in mind is that your little one can learn to love the outdoors as much as you do and it all starts with baby carrier reviews so that you can find the ideal hiking baby carrier for you and your growing infant.

What Will You Enjoy Doing?

With a hiking baby carrier you can go anywhere with your infant. Your hands will be free to help you along and you can point out the many hidden treasures for them to see. You can show them leaves, trees, or animals that you encounter along the way. Best of all though, is that no matter how long of a hike you plan to take, you will not have to carry extra weight by adding in a backpack unless you want to. This is because a lot of the baby carriers you will find that are designed for hiking are also designed to give you storage. Can you imagine a day when you can spend the entire day walking with your family without worrying about that diaper bag full of items on your shoulder?

Explore the Possibilities

What will you do on your day out with baby on a hike? Will you take your older child on a hike through the park or will you and your partner go hiking in the woods and camp out under the stars? Hiking starts here with just a glance through some of the most popular baby carrier reviews around. Even if you do not want a carrier that is designed exclusively for hiking, there are still a variety of options available.

Life begins when you have children, even an infant can be exposed to what living life is truly about. Why should you be the one parent who still sits at home because they have an infant who is too small to hike the trails? Get up, get out, and enjoy what the world has to offer you. Share it with your little one and watch them grow with the experience.


When it comes to camping out in the wild, some people have mixed feelings. They may enjoy the great outdoors, hunting, fishing, and sleeping, but this does not always mean that they are okay with the idea of leaving modern luxury behind. Most people still enjoy a nice shower after sweating in the woods all day or after freezing their buns off waiting for that wild deer. Most people like to have lights and the ability to cook up part of their capture. Admit it, the days of leaving your catch submerged in the water may have worked years ago, but now we kind of prefer the refrigerators we have in our homes. All of this was taken into consideration when we created our hunting and fishing camp. That is why we offer only the best of both worlds.

We Make You Feel at Home

camoIn our woods, you will find cabins that are able to make you feel at home, while they still maintain the “outdoorsy” feel. They offer conveniences, such as a functional power supply, but they also allow you to be able to step outside at any time and see the many creatures of the forest. Can you imagine a more perfect place to be? Would you enjoy having a soft bed to rest on, a warm shower to relax in, lights for those darkest hours, and easy access to more fish and wild game than you could ever imagine?

How We Do It

One of the ways that we offer all the comforts of home in the woods is by first providing a space where each client can visit and stay. It is a simple, rustic cabin that has everything you could ever want. This is a cabin that makes use of a quiet generator for camping. We discovered this treasure by putting our efforts into searching through all of the available generators that are on the market. We wanted one that was quiet, but one that would provide enough power to ensure our guests would feel comfortable.

Our Generator

After reading a Portable Honda Generator Review, we were convinced that we needed to put our efforts into searching through the Honda Generators. They promised quiet power, but we had to make sure. We purchased one for our camp and gave it a try. Immediately, we noticed that they are quieter than other camping generators. However, it wasn’t until we had run it through the night and saw birds and deer still searching for treasures through our camps that we were convinced. We were convinced that we were on to something great and from there we let our campers give it a try.

The Results, Comfort Of Home In The Wilderness

Our campers were delighted. It was a cold winter that year and they raved about being able to fry fish and take a warm shower. They enjoyed being able to charge their cell phones. They claimed that the generators were so quiet that they had never experienced a better night’s sleep in other camps. So, we brought in more generators. It was worth it to us to have our camps filled with lights and sounds of joy instead of generator noises and darkness.

There are still people who prefer the campfire at night, but overall, people enjoy having a home in the woods for the time that they are with us. Wouldn’t you?


Hunters and various other thrill seeking souls have decided that there is a newer, perhaps more exciting way for them to spend their time between hunting seasons. It is something that allows them to feel that not only do they aim and fire in order to pull off that perfect shot and take an animal down cleanly. They also have a hand in how well the gun they are using does the job. Are you ready to explore whether you are ready to join those other adventure enthusiasts and share in their new interests?

Why Build Your Own Rifle

In regards to why people choose to make their own gun, there are several theories. Some like it because you do not have to let the government know that you have it. They make their own to ensure that their constitutional rights are not taken away. However, one of the main reasons is that it gives the shooter certainty in his weapon of choice. A rifle that has been put together by mass production in a factory somewhere, may use parts that are unreliable. If the gun enthusiast builds his own using only the parts that he chooses, he will know that he has something great in his hands when it matters the most.

The rifle that he builds will also be as versatile as he may want for it to be. There are DIY starter gun kits available on the market which allow you to build your own rifle. However, if you want to ensure your accuracy you may create it using the best AR scope available. It is your gun and you can upgrade any parts that you feel need to be upgraded.

How It Is Done

The kits you can purchase include everything you need. It will give you the trigger mechanisms, the stocks, the gun and more. The only parts that a lot of them do not include is the instructions for assembly. The theory behind this is that if you are capable of caring for a gun you will already know how to take it apart during cleaning and then reassemble it. They know you will do with it as you see fit.

The catch is, you need to ensure that all parts of your new rifle fit together well. It does not matter whether you are upgrading the mechanisms or seeking to find the best red dot for AR15, the way it all fits will be your primary concern. This is an important aspect of building your own gun, because it gives you more ways to use your rifle. You can have unteachable parts. Build your long barreled rifle today and next week you can use the shorter barreled rifle. You get to choose.

Is It Legal?

One major question is whether just anyone can build their own firearm. The answer is, “Yes”. It is not something that the ATF enjoys you doing. They are not overly happy about people making their own guns, but they will not stop you from doing it. Unless they have reason to believe that you are not allowed to own a firearm, you can legally build, carry, and use a gun of your own making.

This could change in the future. There are people who do not want you to build your own rifles. That is perhaps why adventure enthusiasts have new interests and they are openly telling others about it now. It just may not be in your best interest to have it concealed or on you at all times.