Daily Archive: January 11, 2017

Securing Your Hunting & Fishing Camp

When you live or play in a remote area, hidden deep in the woods, you have a variety of things that you can enjoy. However, there are also things that are not so enjoyable. One common concern for people who have a remote area home, hunting and fishing camp, or just a piece of lakefront property; is what happens if they are not there? Many hunting and fishing camps are only inhabited by owners on a seasonal basis and they have to be protected during the off seasons. Do you know how to go about securing your hunting and fishing camp?

Why Securing Your Remote Property Matters

Have you ever left your property and then returned to find out that someone else had enjoyed it while you were away? Perhaps they left trash behind or caused damage to your personal property. Perhaps it is simply knowing that there are trails through the woods that were not there before, indicating that someone was there repeatedly while you were gone. In today’s world, not having a secured property, especially deep in the wilderness, is basically asking for trouble. Even knowing the risk, thereare still people who have unprotected hunting and fishing camps that they visit for weekends or certain seasons, while they live in other areas. It does not matter whether you have a vacation home that you visit when you need a break from reality or if you own a place in the woods for campers, hikers, and hunters to rent; protecting your space should be your primary concern. That starts with securing it and there are a few things that you can do to get started protecting what is yours.

Easy Ways to Detour Trespassers

Whether you are trying to eliminate man or beast, a fence is always a good idea to keep people from wandering onto your property. When part of your property line is lakefront, it is not hard for people to wander from miles away and end up on your land where they, even if they do not mean your property harm, may end up leaving things behind. If you have a fence that runs right up to the river or lake, you will lessen the likelihood of this happening. They would have to venture out into the water and come onto your property.

The downside to a fence is that people who come there to hunt will want space to wander. They may not like being inside of the fenced in areas and the fence will also keep animals at bay. That takes away from the “natural” aspect of your hunting and fishing camp. For that reason, you may simply want to put a fence on the front of your property, where people access it from the road. This will lessen the risk of people simply deciding to turn into your driveway, especially if you have a gate installed.

Choose Your Gate Wisely

Once you have decided to protect what belongs to you using a road front fence and gate, you will want a gate that is effective. Admittedly, you could put a padlock on a chain around your fence, but then it will become an inconvenince to you and the people that you want on your property. A sliding gate with an automatic gate opener could be ideal. You could give people you want there ways to gain entry, while keeping others out. All it takes is some sliding gate hardware and you deciding how you want the gate to be opened. Some gates are opened via remote control buttons and others require a passcode. A great resource for all things driveway gate is drivewaygatesforsale.com Either way, people who do not belong will not be willing to sit at your gate where they may have attention drawn to them and your property will be safe.